Since 1977 Dimension One Spas has delighted customers because we provide so much more than just a spa!

Our personal service makes the spa buying and ownership experience special. We encourage you to read our testimonials, then come see our friendly team at our Vista showroom.

Well my dream finally came true! Wanted a pool for 20 years and thanks to JT at Dimension One Spas he introduced me to my swim spa which I didn't even know that what’s I should have!! I originally thought of a real pool but with the monthly big cost and no ability to really swim in a pool with the size we could fit in our backyard we gave up on that idea. So I thought I would just get a little portable little spa. Anyway, we ended up with a gorgeous 16' long swim spa that is gorgeous as we added flagstone on top of the pool and around the backyard with beautiful lighting. It’s our vacation spot now. So not only do I have a gorgeous backyard now but I can exercise every day in my swim spa by swimming, strength training, and relaxation but I can cool off nicely in the hot summer to come! I could spend all day in there if it were not for my job. Also, the contractor Robert did an amazing well-orchestrated installation of the pool with his workers! They really know what they are doing!!!! Thank you sooooooo much JT and Robert and your amazing crew. I love love love my spa!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

Janet P Encinitas.

First time I went to meet JT and try the swim spa was in early June, I really loved the spa but had very difficult time next 3 weeks making the decision because as much as I wanted to buy it for health reasons, I was hesitant to spent 27K and deplete my savings. Honestly, I got to the point when I was going to sleep and waking up with the same thought, should I or shouldn't I? JT was very patient with me and kind, he let me come to test 2 more times (later he said he did not think I would buy :), spent time and answered all my questions. What helped me to make a decision, was a flyer from a local credit union advertising to refinance a car loan for a lower rate. My car was paid off , I went and got 15K loan at 1.9% ! My spa was installed in mid July and I have been enjoying it since! If you have health problems, from back pain to high blood pressure and like the water, consider investing in your future, you will see the difference, not mentioning the fun you will have. I use the spa 1 hour every day and every day thank you JT for helping me to make it happen. Robert was my contractor, he did a great job and also gave me some very valuable advises. Crane company came on time and did a great job, that was kind of a scene to see the spa going over the roof of the house! My spa is 13x8ft, JT suggested keep the temperature at 84 but I like it little warmer, 89-90. Very easy maintenance and I know that if I need anything, can always call JT and service for the spa is local.

Yelena, a very happy swim spa owner.​​​​​​

Our new Dimension 1 Aurora spa is now installed and we are enjoying it to the hilt. We had no problems at all. JT suggested a contractor, Robert, to help alter our deck so the new spa would fit. We had a bit of problem with the job the first time around, but Robert was professional and immediately came back out to put things right. To me, that's the highest recommendation, someone who will make certain you've got the job you want, even if it means doing it again to get it right. Adding a photo this time. If you want a very knowledgeable sales person who is not hard sell and more than willing to answer all questions, make sure you ask for JT. He'll do the job right.

Cathy M. Carlsbad, CA.

We LOVE our spa from Dimension One! JT was awesome at helping us out and suggested Robert as our contractor. Well our backyard turned out amazing!!! We now have a resort in our backyard thanks to this awesome spa company and Robert!! I highly recommend them!!

Holly I. Carlsbad, CA.

JT at Dimension One Spas has been extremely helpful, from our first appointment in checking out the swim spas, up to now, 7 months after our purchase. He is positive, friendly, and a trouble shooter, willing to help tackle any questions or problems we have. I highly recommend JT for his product and service.

Marcia K. San Diego, CA.

We like the fact that friends who have their own spas really enjoy using ours. We use our spa every night! We love the design; it’s easy to access and clean the filters. The layout is very well thought out and ergonomically comfortable. We’ve been enjoying our Dimension One Spa for over 20 years.

Byron G, San Marcos, CA.

My husband starts most mornings with a cup of coffee in the hot tub. He works hard and the spa really relaxes him. Our whole family uses it and the kids just love it.

Nanette E. Oceanside, CA.

Relaxing in the spa is my reward after a hard day. I like to kick back with a cold drink on a hot day.

Curtis S. Oceanside, CA.

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